I gave ChatGPT 4 a job: “I want you to write a short bio for Ele Nichols, but do it as if Edgar Allan Poe is writing a detective noire and describing a dame…”

And this is what came of it…

In the dimly-lit underbelly of Los Angeles, where sunlight struggles to penetrate the ever-present gloom, a phantom figure emerges, leaving whispers and hushed tones in its wake. Ele Nichols, tall, enigmatic, and donned in darkness, traverses the city like a nocturnal creature, their mind a labyrinth of wit and delightful lunacy.

A celebrated artist of many facets, Ele has garnered accolades for their talents in vector illustration, creative writing, and essays. With a soul born from shadows, they devote their energies to supporting those grappling with religious trauma and the complexities of transgender and LGBTQ+ experiences.

Since the tender age of 14, Ele’s artistic spirit has been an intrinsic part of their essence. They have graced the stage in myriad theater and improv programs, refining their craft until their early 20s. An architect of gothic fashion, Ele’s presence is a tantalizing blend of mystery and allure.

Unyielding in their atheism and unapologetic in their disinterest in the sacred, Ele extends an olive branch of respect to believers, so long as that same respect is returned. Trans and nonbinary, Ele’s captivating voice has found a home in the realm of VoiceOver, and their striking visage has occasionally graced the lens of a fortunate camera.

Once the mastermind behind a flourishing apparel and enamel pin business, fueled by their original art, Ele now pours their creative energies into “Cohorts,” an avant-garde approach to storytelling unfurling across the digital landscape of social media. Their podcast, EleAMental, spanned eight years and delved into Ele’s transition, thoughts, and perspectives on life, religious trauma, mental health, and their growing-dystopian city of the angels.

In the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence, Ele Nichols has emerged as a guiding star. As an AI prompt writer, they weave their darkly enchanting prose into the digital fabric, their influence reaching far and wide. As a visionary, they explore the uncharted territories of theory and ethics, navigating the murky waters of this new frontier. Ele’s voice resonates with authority, captivating the minds of those who seek wisdom in the rapidly changing landscape of AI. As they gaze into the abyss of what the future may hold, they remain a beacon of hope and reason, a testament to the melding of humanity and the technological unknown.

So, dear reader, should you ever find yourself traversing the streets of Los Angeles, be wary of the beguiling force that is Ele Nichols. While their artistry and insights may enthrall you, it is their charm and wit that will ensnare your soul, binding you to their spellbinding world.