April 5, 2023

Unearthing My Inner Addams

By In Resurrection

In this new draft of my existence, I’m embarking on a journey of resurrection – digging up the long-buried, dark, and authentic aspects of myself that have been stifled by years of people-pleasing. The previous draft saw me as a sunshine-spraying imposter, always bending to the whims of others. But in this resurrected life, I’m determined to let my inner Wednesday Addams bloom.

Change is a strange and eerie beast, and my quest to unearth my authentic self is no exception. As I sift through the layers of who I’ve pretended to be, I’m left to confront the raw, unadulterated version of myself. It’s like stepping into a cobweb-infested attic, unsure of what gothic surprises may be lurking – but armed with a candelabra, a morbid sense of humor, and perhaps a pet tarantula, I’m ready to face whatever awaits.

To ensure that this new draft doesn’t fall into the same traps as my previous attempts, I recognize the importance of establishing a daily ritual – a sort of incantation that keeps me connected to my authentic, dark-hearted self. Each day, I take a moment to commune with my inner Morticia, asking myself, “Am I living in accordance with my true identity today? Or am I slipping back into the sunshine-drenched facade of the people pleaser?”

Dark wit serves as both a shield and a weapon in this journey of self-discovery. When faced with moments of vulnerability, I find solace in macabre laughter, using it to deflect the weight of the emotional tombstones I’m exhuming. I imagine my people-pleasing tendencies as a cheerful poltergeist, desperate for attention and validation. In these moments, I remind myself that it’s okay to banish the poltergeist, to assert my boundaries, and to live my life on my own delightfully gloomy terms.

By resurrecting this aspect of myself, I’m opening the door to a life of greater authenticity and beautifully morbid self-expression. It’s a process, to be sure – a delicate dance between embracing the person I’ve always been and striving to become the person I know I can be. But with each day that passes, I’m learning to waltz this shadowy path with grace and confidence, trusting that the journey ahead is worth every eerie step.

So, as I continue to explore the crypt of my resurrected life, I invite you to join me in embracing your own authentic, dark selves. Together, let’s shed the masks we’ve worn for far too long and step into the moonlight of our true identities, unafraid and undaunted.

Until we meet again in the shadows, remember: we’re not here to appease the living, but to revel in our own darkness.

Yours in eternal twilight,

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