Mistress Murderess (Mini Graphic Novel/Verse)

This was a verse I had written with a friend years ago for an Edgar Alan Poe inspired Rock Opera, ergo, Mistress Murderous. It never got off the ground, but I’m scheming something, you’ll see. I rediscovered it a few months ago and had an idea I wanted to experiment with. Instagram has the option to add a sliding gallery feature on each image. I’m sure, at some point, I saw someone who had taken advantage of this feature for a panorama effect, and it was seamless transition from image to image. There was something about it that took me back to designing tri-fold or accordion style brochures and pamphlets. I feel that a continuous design kind of compels you to keep going, at least that’s my experience.

With every part unfolding, it’s like a mystery going deeper before your very eyes. ‘Where is this going? I’ve got to know.’ These are the questions I want the audience’s eyes to tease their brains with. It doesn’t have to be static either, it could incorporate video elements, tell a story that gets someone to emotionally invest in and could capture their attention for the thing you want to show them next. You’re using the platform in a weird way, which is why I think it would be interesting. I think as long as you make the journey satisfying to the end, people will go along with you for the journey. Sure, why not, right?

For the art itself, I whipped up these assets and the mistress herself in Procreate, moved it over to Photoshop and continued to tweak it, adding vector elements, a subtle pulp paper texture, and making it all feel printed and unified. Every section is different, the palette is simple and striking.

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