April 3, 2023

To Live An Intentional Life

By In Invocation

Let me choose my words precisely, understanding that they can build worlds or destroy them. Pray that I don’t fall into the folly of an accidental existence, stumbling from one moment to the next. May I always understand what I have, that its possession in my care is deliberate and with the responsibilities that it holds. Hear my cry, O’ celestial hosts and everyone below: To live with intention in my words, my actions, my thoughts, my ideas, my relationships, my possessions, my dwellings, my identity, my passion, my pursuit, and most importantly my heart. And steel me from my weakness to never accept less from myself or the world, not even once. Make my life a monument, so that others might behold and be inspired to follow in my path. Give me the strength to endure all the obstacles I will face, and all the challenges laid out before me. I ask of my own accord, never permit me to break this promise, or suffer me the consequences. My vow is my word, my word is my bond. This pledge, this promise, I make to myself and my future: I am the captain of my own fate, and my victories and defeats will be mine and mine alone. 

This contract, I make to myself. Never shall it be null or void.

So mote it be.

X: Ele Nichols

April 2, 2023

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